Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions conerning M2M at Deutsche Telekom and the European M2M Partner Program.

M2M and M2M at Deutsche Telekom

What is M2M?
"Machine-to-Machine" communication, or simply “M2M”, means the automatic transmission of data between different types of technical appliances such as vehicles, containers, security systems, electricity meters or home appliances, etc. By connecting these “machines” to the mobile or fixed-line network, single modules, machines and entire systems are able to communicate as well as be monitored and serviced worldwide.

What are the benefits of M2M?
M2M enables a substantial productivity increase and the control and optimization even of complex processes. Our M2M solutions enable permanent information flow and control, the efficient use of resources, innovative services and environmentally-friendly solutions. M2M provide high potential with regard to new product development, new services, a high level of innovation and differentiation and more.

European M2M Partner Program

What is the European M2M Partner Program?
The European M2M Partner Program is designed for our top M2M solution partners in our European footprint. Through the program we offer selected partners the opportunity to extend their M2M business to other countries in our footprint and to profit from our international communication activities.

What is the aim of the European M2M Partner Program?
The aim of M2M Partner Program is to promote locally successful M2M solutions across our European footprint and facilitate cross border market access for our partners. The partner program is set up to support long-term relationships mutually benefitting both partners.

How can I become part of the European M2M Partner Program?
Potential partners need to have a successful partnership with one of our local entities in Europe. Only the best local partners can be nominated for the European M2M Partner Program. In order to qualify, the partners must meet a set of requirements to ensure that they are in a position to provide international customers with the same level of quality that we found so persuasive in their local markets.   

Can I be part in more than one partner program?
Successful partners can be promoted from the existing national/international partner programs to the European M2M Partner Program. They will maintain membership in both programs and get additional benefits through the European M2M Partner Program.