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M2M and M2M Competence Center

What is M2M?

"Machine-to-Machine" communication, or simply “M2M”, means the automatic transmission of data between different types of technical appliances such as vehicles, containers, security systems, electricity meters or home appliances, etc. By connecting these “machines” to the mobile or fixed-line network, single modules, machines and entire systems are able to communicate as well as be monitored and serviced worldwide.

What are the benefits of M2M?

M2M enables a substantial productivity increase and the control and optimization even of complex processes. Our M2M solutions enable permanent information flow and control, the efficient use of resources, innovative services and environmentally-friendly solutions. M2M provide high potential with regard to new product development, new services, a high level of innovation and differentiation and more.


What is the M2M Competence Center?

The M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG focuses on M2M products and services in nine different market segments: transport & logistics, vehicle telematics, energy, consumer electronics, security, retail & commerce, industrial automation, healthcare and the public sector. With our expertise from all Deutsche Telekom units, as well as our experience and deep insight into the M2M market, we drive M2M business all around the world together with our partners.


Why does Deutsche Telekom AG need partners?

“Specialists need specialists”. Cooperating with partners who fit into our M2M portfolio improves our capabilities, quality, market coverage and production costs. Together with our partners we can better serve customer needs and develop common business with partner.


Whats partnering about?

Partnering is about more than just sales. Partner work also includes joint development and access to “hot innovations”. Basically, it’s about creating a win-win situation that is also beneficial to all customers.

What is a "partner" ?

A partner is a company collaborating with Deutsche Telekom AG to enable and/or create an overall M2M solution. With our partners, we aim for a long-lasting business relationship which covers specific M2M capabilities, products and markets. Our objective is to develop a common M2M business approach and realize the most mutually beneficial cooperation possible. As a partner, your company is active in the M2M field and is willing to generate common M2Mbusiness with the M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG.

Why should I partner with the M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG?

Combined expertise and experience as well as insight into the global M2M market lead to a better understanding of customer needs. By partnering with us, you can benefit from resources which help you grow and maximize your business.

What are the Partner Categories?

As M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG, we are looking for global and local partnerships in every business area along the M2M value chain in all M2M segments. The Deutsche Telekom partner program provides a network of global players along the M2M value chain to deliver best-in-class M2M products and services to the market.

  • Hardware: module suppliers and device vendors, e.g. M2M machine/box suppliers, module manufacturers and chipset vendors
  • Software: M2M software and application providers, including content providers
  • System integrators: IT companies with M2M propositions focusing on system integration, including services and platform providers
  • Solution providers: IT companies providing complete M2M solutions to customers as E2E solutions

We are also looking for innovative partners who are interested in developing new M2M solutions together with us in the following areas:

  • Transport & logistics
  • Vehicle telematics
  • Smart metering / Smart grid
  • Connected consumer electronics
  • Security
  • Retail & commerce
  • Industrial automation, monitoring & control
  • Health care
  • Public sector & infrastructure

Regardless of your area of expertise, we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your business by aligning with the M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG.

European M2M Partner Program FAQ


What is the European M2M Partner Program?

The European M2M Partner Program is designed for our top M2M solution partners in our European footprint. Through the program we offer selected partners the opportunity to extend their M2M business to other countries in our footprint and to profit from our international communication activities.

What is the aim of the European M2M Partner Program? 

The aim of M2M Partner Program is to promote locally successful M2M solutions across our European footprint and facilitate cross border market access for our partners. The partner program is set up to support long-term relationships mutually benefitting both partners.

How can I become part of the European M2M Partner Program?

Potential partners need to have a successful partnership with one of our local entities in Europe. Only the best local partners can be nominated for the European M2M Partner Program. In order to qualify, the partners must meet a set of requirements to ensure that they are in a position to provide international customers with the same level of quality that we found so persuasive in their local markets. 

Can I be part in more than one partner program?

Successful partners can be promoted from the existing national/international partner programs to the European M2M Partner Program. They will maintain membership in both programs and get additional benefits through the European M2M Partner Program. 

M2M Partner Portal

What is the M2M Partner Portal?

The M2M Partner Portal provides exclusive content for authorized users only. It is a central point of contact for working with the M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG. Comprehensive information also provides partners with a solid basis for successful M2M business across the globe.

How do I register on the Partner Portal?

Go to

Select “Register”.

Enter the required information and click “submit registration”.

Within minutes of submitting the registration, you will receive an e-mail confirming that your registration has been received.

Following successful access to the M2M Partner Portal, you will be asked to complete your profile.

What web browsers does the Partner Portal support?

The M2M Partner Portal supports Internet Explorer version 6.0 and above. Users can get a free upgrade of the latest version of Microsoft Internet Explorer at The Portal also supports Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

I forgot/lost my password. What do I do?

Go to and click on “Forgot password?” Enter your e-mail address and click “Send New Password”. You will soon receive your temporary password. If you do not receive your log-in information, your log-in might be tied to a different e-mail address. In this case, click “Contact Us”, and send a message including your name, current e-mail address and the name of your company.

I forgot/lost my User ID. What do I do?

Your User ID is usually your business e-mail which you choose when registering with the M2M Partner Portal. If you cannot remember which e-mail address you chose for registration, please click “Contact Us” and send a message including your name, current e-mail address and your company’s name and location.

My user name/password doesn't work. What do I do?

First of all, check the following:

User IDs and passwords are upper/lower case sensitive. You must enter them exactly as they were created.

Your browser may be “remembering” a different User ID and/or password.

You need to close all browser windows and start a new browser.

You may have to complete an additional log-in to your local network before you can access the M2M Partner Portal. Check with your own systems administrator. If, after verifying these conditions, your user name/password log-in still doesn’t work, click “Contact Us” and send a message including your name, current e-mail address and your company’s name and location.

How do I sign-up for the newsletter?

When you register with the M2M Partner Portal, you will be asked if you want to receive our newsletter. Please click the box to set a check mark. You will then automatically receive our newsletter.


How do I sign up for the newsletter after registration?

After you have been successfully registered with the M2M Partner Portal you can change your profile at any time. To do this, simply click on “My Profile” and set a check mark in the field “I would like to receive the Deutsche Telekom M2M Newsletter”

How do I get help?

You can access e-mail support information by clicking on the “Contact Us” link in the top right of every page on the M2M Partner Portal.

How can I bookmark this site?

Internet Explorer users can simply visit the home page at and click on the appropriate “Bookmark M2M Partner Portal” link.

How can I change my organization’s phone number or my contact information?

As a registered M2M Partner Portal member, you can access “My Account” and update your personal data, e.g. your phone number, at any time.

How can I delete my account?

As a registered M2M Partner Portal member, you can go to and log into the portal. Select “Contact us” and disclose your request and reasoning for deleting your account. You will receive a confirmation e-mail that your account has been deleted.

Are my personal contact details visible to members?

Only you can view your personal information. No data is visible to any third parties.

Is the security of my data guaranteed?

Security of the M2M Partner Portal is ensured with 128 bit SSL encryption. The M2M Competence Center at Deutsche Telekom AG treats all user data in the utmost confidence and in line with strict European data protection guidelines and guarantees that this data will not be passed on to third parties.

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