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The M2M Solutions of our European M2M Partners cover a wide range of vertical segments. Please select one or more of the segments to find the respective solutions.

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Open platform for wireless data transmission

ANDRA Sp. z o.o.

Lift solution

Emergency communication systems for elevators

BM COM s.r.o.

Tank monitoring

Remote tank level monitoring and management

BM COM s.r.o.

Internet connection

Reliable internet connections with backup functionality

BM COM s.r.o.

Conel R-SeeNet

Monitoring solution for Conel communication systems

Conel s.r.o.

Conel Cellular Router

Mobile communication solutions

Conel s.r.o.

Conel Smart Cluster VPN

Easy VPN tunneling without request of public IP adress

Conel s.r.o.

Energy Management

Analytical tool for energy management


POD and Track & Trace applications

Solution for logistics companies to transport management, carried out by subcontractors (external transport companies)

Finder S.A.

Driver Assistant

Training system for learner drivers

Finder S.A.