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Forklift Management System
Monitor and supervise forklift operations


Solution Description

The Forklift Management System is a customized version of the Finder Online platform that has been adapted to the operation of forklift trucks. Registration of access to the trucks and their collisions with obstacles by specific operators has made it possible to reduce the number of repairs tenfold. Thanks to the remote reading of meters of work in the trucks, settlement of payments for their loan to other companies has been speeded up and simplified.

The system monitors and analyzes operating parameters of forklifts and enables remote diagnostic services. Forklift trucks are equipped with sensors that measure acceleration (accelerometer), enabling detection and alerts of all dangerous events (collisions). The setting for the accelerometer can identify such events in conjunction with the identification of the operator, which allows for clear identification of the perpetrator. All measured parameters, including the exact location of objects, are displayed in an intuitive interface that runs in a browser (thin client). The system allows for the preparation of reports, logistics, analysis, and data sets. By identifying both the forklifts and their associated operators, the administrator has full control over the distribution of operational and working time. The sensor that detects the presence of the operator and any collision greatly improves safety and reduces to a minimum number of collisions. Each operator logs on to the vehicle with his own RFID card. The system also enables specific operators to be assigned specific forklifts or the entire group. A collision, as well as leaving a running forklift by the operator for longer than provided for in the system, will automatically shut and lock the forklift until the event is logged by the operator or administrator. The system constantly monitors the battery charge, which enables effective use and prolongs battery life.

Solution Benefits

  • Elimination of misuse
  • A 90-percent reduction in the number of collisions
  • Extended battery life
  • Fuel savings

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