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Finder Online
Location-based service (LBS) platform


Solution Description

Finder Online is a state-of-the-art LBS platform that is used to manage mobile employees and vehicles efficiently. Numerous features and excellent scalability of the platform ensure that it ranks among the most advanced, versatile and reliable SaaS (Software as a Service) products for companies at different stages of development – from small to large – operating in many different industries. GPS monitoring of a company’s mobile resources is the basic function of the Finder Online platform. Finder Online makes it possible to supervise completed tasks, evaluate results, eliminate abuse, and improve operations. Key features include:

  • Locating resources: Finder Online displays the position and routes of supervised objects and shows additional parameters such as the ignition status, speed, fuel consumption, and temperature in the cargo.

  • Vehicle route history: It only takes a few clicks to display the last route, distance travelled, travel time and stops of a vehicle. The reproduced route is displayed accurately on a map, including stops, refuelings, speed limit violations, etc.

  • User locations: Locations can be added manually, by searching for an address or by clicking on a point on the map. They can also be imported from an external file in MS Excel format.

  • Notification: Automatic notification is used to transmit information to authorized persons about defined events connected with vehicles, such as speed limit violations, siphoning off fuel, or leaving the authorized region of operation.

  • Regions and geofencing: Finder Online makes it possible to define an authorized region of operation for a vehicle and to send notifications in case of breaches.

  • Reports and analysis: The information database is built on the data transmitted from vehicles and is provided to users in the form of reports. They can be prepared on a one-off basis or can be set up as cyclical reports – generated and transmitted automatically at set times.

  • Analyzing Driving Style – Ecodriving: The device installed in the car monitors the operation of the brake and accelerator pedal. All dangerous behavior on the road is recorded. The device can also signal to the driver when his style of driving deviates from the norm.

Solution Benefits

The Finder Online (FOL) platform brings benefits irrespective of the scale of the operation or the industry area. In each company there is something that can be done to reduce costs and to improve productivity. FOL is a certain and quick way to achieve measurable effects. The return on investment time is on average 3-4 months and results in tens of euros saved each month for each vehicle. In addition, a permanent increase in productivity is achieved.
  • Reduction of fuel consumption: With Finder Online it is possible to reduce fuel expenditure by as much as 30 percent. Considering the whole fleet of a company, this could be hundreds of thousands of euros saved per year.
  • Limiting unnecessary mileage: Analysis and planning of routes makes it possible to optimally utilize all resources – complete more tasks without an increase of expenses, operate at a lower cost, and provide faster and better services.
  • Increase in employee productivity: The supervisory abilities of the locating system make it possible to supervise work well and account for its effects. Employees are more involved and spend their working time entirely on performing their duties.
  • Elimination of abuse: Only efficient supervision ensures that the temptation for employees to make unauthorized journeys or “siphon off” fuel does not spread and is nipped in the bud.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs: Employees are able to handle the equipment they have been entrusted with well and skillfully. This is most clearly visible when their vehicles are covered by a locating system.
  • Solutions customized to requirements: The development of new functionalities in accordance with our clients’ expectation ensures that the Finder Online platform is maintained at the highest level of innovation.

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