Solution Information

Driver Behavior Module
Analytical tool for monitoring driver behavior


Solution Description

The Driver Behavior Module permits the analysis of driving style showing the most common mistakes in use of the vehicle. Based on the evaluation and the training of drivers, operating and fuel costs can be reduced. The system can be used to create charts, identify trends and analyze selected data ranges with anytime aggregation. The recorded parameters can be used as a tool for usage-based insurance programs. The dedicated application permits a detailed analysis of driving style on the basis of registered journeys. The data collected suggests how the driver copes at reducing speed without brake abuse, records how long the vehicle moves at a constant speed, the average deflection of the accelerator pedal, speed schedules and turnover. The results, in the form of easily readable charts, enables specification of driving technique elements that the driver needs to improve.

Solution Benefits

  • Eliminate drivers' bad habits
  • Increase fleet safety
  • Reduce fuel consumption - by up to 25%
  • Reduce operating costs
  • A tool for creating incentive programs

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