Solution Information

GX Store
Monitoring solution for vehicles and machines


Solution Description

GX Store tracks and monitors vehicles in warehouses, shipping companies, airports etc. It can be retrofitted to all kinds of vehicles and enables the customer to improve the efficiency of his fleet operations. The customer can monitor and analyze the data of his vehicles online, helping him to optimize routes, check loads, increase staff efficiency etc. Furthermore, the solution reduces risk of damage to equipment, goods, etc., and misuse of the truck is limited.

In regular operation GX Store works via GPS; however, in cases where no GPS signal is available, the solution uses RFID technology as a backup. 

The concept and modular architecture of the monitoring solution allows us to adapt it according to our customers’ needs.

Solution Benefits

  • GPS vehicle tracking and monitoring increases the efficiency of fleets
  • Online location and monitoring of routes
  • Tracking outside the reach of GPS signal with the use of RFID
  • Theft and fraud protection
  • Two-way communication with the driver possible
  • Monitoring integrated into business systems 

The solution is intended for:

The solution is suitable for a large variety of vehicles, ranging from standard company fleets and taxis to more specialized vehicles in the area of logistics (forklifts, large cargo) or other industrial sectors.


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