Solution Information

Smart Facilities
Enterprise Resource Monitoring -integrated service platform for the monitoring of various solutions like intrusion alarm, fire protection, fleet management


Solution Description

This ecosystem is a monitoring system for services like intrusion alarm, fire protection, fleet management, elderly care and other services. It can include also the monitoring of maintenances work and track the workers, machines or devices which belong to the workflow.

The complex ecosystem of Smart Facility can be build up with following services:
  • Vending machine monitoring
  • Patrol monitoring
  • Liquid tank monitoring
  • Suction-pump monitoring
  • Trolley monitoring
  • Maintenance service monitoring
  • Production line monitoring
  • Scales monitoring
  • Inventory monitoring

Solution Benefits

  • Capex free project
  • Complex utility and supervisory system with adapted m2m solutions aggregator business modell (Servers, devices, network, softwares, subscriptions, etc.)
  • Application development (softwares + hardwares)
  • Application service providing for different segments (people and property monitoring)
  • Pay as you go business model (Platform as a service with subscripton based)
  • Cross-selling opportunity by our portfolio (Securities, facilities, logistics, healthcares)
  • Free technical and marketing support

The Solution is intended for

Manufacturers, Medium & Large Manufacturing and Logistic Enterprises

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