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Fleet Management
GPS monitoring system for mobile and stationary assets


Solution Description

Today, a fleet management system is a must for almost every company, be it a small local business or an international enterprise. Expenses related to running a fleet are on the rise and without a properly implemented fleet management system it is almost impossible to effectively control the utilization of company cars and other assets.

The GPS monitoring system consists of two main parts; the hardware, a small GPS box with a GSM/GPRS modem that is installed under the dashboard inside the car and gathers key information about the vehicle, its positions, trips and statuses, speed, number of stops and breaks. Information gathered by the hardware device is sent to a secured technology center and is visualized for the user via a software interface. Here the user can view all the information recorded by the unit, can export reports, evaluate data and use it for optimizing routes, or to increase the vehicle and driver utilization. Company cars are often changed between drivers, so it can be difficult to establish responsibility for damages and ill-treatment. The driver identification system requires each driver to have a unique chip used for identification before every trip. This feature can also be connected to an immobilizer so that nobody can start the vehicle without proper identification. Panic button, private/business trip switch, integration with CAN Bus and fuel consumption monitoring are among other key features. They can help reduce costs and prevent unforeseen expenses. The driver protection is also an important feature and it should not be taken lightly. A driver in a monitored car is protected in two ways; he knows he is being monitored and tends to drive more carefully. He maintains the permitted speed, which helps prevent an accident. If however an accident occurs, the controlling operator is notified immediately, verifies the vehicle’s position and calls for help or speaks to the driver to help him manage the situation. An SMS notification service allows for receiving messages with required statuses and events so that the controlling supervisor has an extensive overview of the fleet operation.

Solution Benefits

  • Information on all vehicle positions in real time
  • Better vehicle utilization and distribution of work and tasks
  • Better staff utilization due to optimized routes
  • Improved customer services due to better planning
  • Cost saving due to fuel theft monitoring
  • Improved staff safety and protection against accidents
  • Minimizing company car misuse by means of private/business trip switch and driver identification

The solution is intended for:

  • Small and medium-sized companies
  • State administration
  • Companies providing civil services
  • Municipal police
  • Rally organizers

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