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Street Lights Control System
Automated control and management of street lights


Solution Description

The Street Light Management System handles day-to-day operation and monitoring of public lighting. The system is very straightforward; a communicator is placed in the switchboard of the lights and protected by NAM system technology 24/7 against intrusion and theft. All data gathered by this communicator is then sent to a software application where the staff can further work with the data received. The proper data transfer is secured by the NAM system Technology Center. Data received, including consumption and input power from individual switchboards, is processed, saved and available in the software application for the user to review, evaluate, or export. Authorized users can also manage the lights remotely by turning the switchboard on or off. Our Street Light System also constantly monitors and evaluates the proper functioning of lights, records any failure or malfunction, generates alarm messages in the application log, and sends SMS alerts to mobile numbers provided.

Solution Benefits

  • Complex system for street light management - no need for external SW or HW
  • Immediate information on any failure or malfunction
  • Consumption and input power reports
  • SMS alert notification
  • Remote control of the lights switchboards
  • Protection of the switchboard

The solution is intended for:

State and city administration, companies providing civil services


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