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Patrol Control
Professional monitoring solution for security guards


Solution Description

A regular patrol service can only be efficient if the work of the controlling guards is systematic and thorough. The electronic patrol system can provide detailed reports and tools to monitor efficiency of the patrol guards. In order to evaluate data it is necessary to choose and implement the right software with which the manager or supervisor can work with extensive reports and further optimize patrol routes and assignments. Our PATROL CONTROL software uses all the technological potential of the connected electronic patrol system and delivers efficient management of assets and property for all types of customers, all in real time. It can also be integrated with the NAM technology Alarm Receiving Center.  The system allows for connecting various technologies and does not limit its user to one particular electronic patrol system. PATROL CONTROL is a web-based application and requires only a web browser and internet connection. As a cloud application it does not require any extra HW or additional components. All recorded information is sent to a server in a secure data center where it is stored for backup and available 24/7. PATROL CONTROL runs on various devices such as tablets or smartphones. The personal electronic GPS tracker is equipped with an RFID chip, panic button (plus other functionality buttons), allows for two-way voice communication so that no mobile phones are required, and also provides SMS services and GPRS transmission. The system helps protect field or lone workers and increases their safety and comfort thanks to features such as the panic button or shock sensors. Electronic patrol system is a must for any security agency that wishes to provide professional services to its customers and protect its workers at the same time.

Solution Benefits

  • Real-time communication
  • Higher safety of field and lone workers
  • Personal GPS tracker (with GSM/GPRS modem)
  • Panic button and non-contact identification
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Software to manage and optimize patrols
  • Better staff utilization due to planning
  • Automated reports

The solution is intended for:

Security agencies with unlimited number of connected objects


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