Solution Information

Screening Examination Platform


Solution Description

The SEP, running on mobile devices, handles all of the program management, including program planning, resource management and program monitoring. It keeps a record of all medical tests performed using connected mobile measurement devices and uploads them to the patient’s health records any time the user enters the reach of a mobile Internet network. SEP tracks in detail the activities of the testers, and compares this data with the plan developed in the module. This comparison enables the program manager to keep close control of the program’s implementation and the possibility to quickly and effectively adapt to issues. It can be easily integrated into the Silvermedic Solution.

Solution Benefits

SEP simplifies the complex process of performing screening programs, reduces the number of administrative and specialist staff required to execute the program, optimizes the time of specialists to enable them to concentrate their efforts on the medical part of the screening process, and allows screening programs to be run on a massive scale.

The solution is intended for:

Medical Institutes, Prevention Authorities, Insurance Companies


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