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Cardio WebViewer
ECG Web Viewer


Solution Description

Cardio WebViewer, which can be integrated into Silvermedic Solution allows ECG recordings presentation, measurement, annotation, comparison and interpretation directly from the web browser without the need to install additional software on the computer. The module has been prepared with professionals in mind, it is a powerful, full-featured tool with a focus on usability and ergonomics. With an accurately documented API for seamless integration into your web application.

Solution Benefits

  • analytical tools for effective and detailed review of the ECG recording
  • option for presentation of multiple ECG recordings for comparison
  • support for dictionary-based annotation
  • ability to present multiple layers of annotations and analysis results from ECG algorithm libraries
  • supports SCP-ECG standard
  • works under Windows, Mac OS and Linux

The solution is intended for:

Manufacturers of medical software


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