Solution Information

LPG/CNG tank monitoring
Remote tank level monitoring and management


Solution Description

Thousands of tanks provide CNG/LPG for households or gas stations. Distributors of CNG/LPG usually own these tanks and make money by supplying CNG/LPG. BM COM’s solution monitors the level of CNG/LPG in the tank and informs the user how much CNG/LPG is left and when it should be refilled. In addition it calculates the optimal route of the supply vehicle. The solution consists of 2 parts: hardware that does the monitoring itself and sends data over the GSM network to the monitoring software, and the Software, which provides an overview of tanks in the field, level of CNG/LPG, suggests the best supply route, etc.

Solution Benefits

  • No more unauthorized refills
  • Reliable supply of CNG/LPG
  • Reduced costs
  • Optimized supplier and logistics processes
  • Better usage overview

The solution is intended for:

  • Tank manufacturers
  • Distributors of CNG/LPG

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