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Barrow CS
Selective access for underground waste containers


Solution Description

The Barrow Container System (Barrow CS) is a selective entrance system for underground, semiunderground and aboveground container arrangements. Most significant tasks are container management and direction of waste flows.

Barrow CS is a modular system that contains the following components:

  • Barrow Reader Unit
  • Barrow Solar Unit
  • Barrow Lock Unit
  • Barrow Battery Unit and
  • Wiring
  • WSS Software

Because of this modular structure and thanks to the use of standard connectors, assembly is very straightforward, also for employment on containers that are already placed.

Users can activate the entrance control system just by holding an ecocard in front of the Barrow reader. After the data on this ecocard have been verified, the filling mouth will open and waste can be dumped inside. After use the filling mouth automatically locks until the next waste-dumping takes place.

The solution is intended for:

Municipalities and large waste collectors


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