Solution Information

Electronic Service of objects such as the underground waste system


Solution Description

RS Service provides an electronic dossier of objects which always state the exact technical condition of the object, and which activities have been performed and when. For instance the last washing or inspection can swiftly be determined. Service tags are mounted on the objects. On these tags are the identification number and client specific text. In this service tag there is a RFID chip, ensuring unique identification. Every time an activity at a certain object is performed, the service worker makes himself known by scanning the service tag at the object. With the handheld terminal the duties performed are entered and sent to the software. The website on the internet immediately shows what was done and when.

Solution Benefits

  • Electronic dossier of every object
  • Supervision over execution of maintenance contracts
  • Transparency of activities
  • Accessible through the internet
  • Applicable on smartphone or PDA
  • Easy to work with
  • Precautionary maintenance and inspections can be planned ahead

The solution is intended for:

Municipalities and large waste collectors


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