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Limmex Emergency Watch
Mobile Emergency Call System


Solution Description

The Limmex Emergency Watch is a mobile emergency call system that features impressive simplicity, a discreet appearance and a strong focus on design with a large selection of watch models. A simple press of a button and your Limmex Watch makes a telephone call. The watch's integrated GSM module, loudspeaker and microphone enable the watch wearer to directly speak to the person selected in case of an emergency. The watch wearer can choose the phone numbers to be called: friends, family members and/or an emergency call center. Depending on the subscription you choose, you can store up to 10 contact numbers. In the event of an emergency, these contacts are called one after the other until someone answers and arranges assistance.


Solution Benefits

Great importance was given to both design and functionality in the development of the Limmex Watch. 14 models for women, men and children are available. Due to the various designs, the Limmex Emergency Watch counteracts stigmatization that is caused by conventional emergency call systems: the watch is not perceived as emergency call system and, therefore, its wearer is not marked as in need of help.

Software Concept
The Emergency Watches base on the Limmex cloud-based software concept. The watch is always connected with this software and communicates the operating status, place of use, connection protocols and battery level. The operating system of a Limmex Watch is updated by remote maintenance meaning that users no longer need to install updates and can always rely on the watch to function properly. The pairing of the Limmex software with the connection technology specially optimized for mobile emergency call systems guarantees maximum reliability for all calls, wherever you are.


The solution is intended for:

Every person with an increased need for security can wear and benefit from a Limmex Emergency Watch: persons working in high-risk jobs or with health problems, children, elderly persons and athletes, being on the move alone.


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