Solution Information

Mopas Monitoring Systems
Mopas supplies dependable online systems which monitor personal safety in living and working environments, 24/7 worldwide.


Solution Description

Mopas monitoring systems have been specially developed to monitor the safety of employees in all possible risk situations.

In the event of disasters the monitoring systems of Mopas can initiate responsive, effective assistance by means of precise positioning, voice and listening communication, environmental analysis and deployability.

Our systems also provide accurate recording of people’s activity and security and produce accurate trend analyses to make proactive and structural improvements to personal safety at home and at work. For this purpose we can also connect our systems to beacons, sensors, emergency call centres, electronic locking systems and many types of monitoring and rehabilitation equipment. Mopas monitoring systems also enable personal identification, access recording and connections to ERP systems.

Every organisation or individual has its own priorities in terms of security. Our customers decide what the system will monitor at any time. We therefore provide our services on a subscription basis, including equipment use. That means no surprises down the line, but reliable, customised information for a low, fixed regular fee without the need for major investments.

Key Features:

  • tracking lone workers and lone residents
  • identifying unsafe situations
  • issuing disaster alarms
  • initiating assistance
  • communicating relevant information
  • recording activities
  • reporting trends
  • identifying persons
  • planning deployment

Solution Benefits

  • Responsive assistance in all accidents and disasters
  • Fixed low rates, with no investment costs
  • Less absenteeism due to accidents
  • Less calamities with fatal injuries
  • Reduced down times in case of calamities
  • Less costs and no investments for accurate control
  • Diminishes damage to reputation

The solution is intended for:

Healthcare, homecare, manufacturing industry, industrial services, government, transport, logistics, emergency services and security service


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