Solution Information

Mini Fiscal Register
Mini Fiscal Register is a cloud based All-In-One EFTPOS solution


Solution Description

Mini Fiscal Register is a cloud based All in One EFTPOS solution tailored for small merchants, direct or mobile sales of products and services through EFTPOS terminals aswell as front-end devices and strong robust multi-tenant back-end servers capable of handling any number of entities, POS’s and sales operations.

The solution is flexible to ensure integration with existing ERP solutions and provide basic and advanced sales, EMV card payment and other features according to the demand of solution provider and/or merchants, such as loyalty, top-up, E-voucher sales.

It is scalable and can fit small and large scale deployments, and it is also very cost efficient due to its practical all-in-one hardware.

Due to its Security features, solution can be used for fiscal invoicing and real time invoice signing.

Solution Benefits

  • Complete solution for small and medium businesses (All in One)
  • Additional possibilities (card payment, close loop payment, ticketing, loyalty, prepaid, e-vouchers, …)
  • API’s for integration with existing client systems (ERP, web shop…)
  • Full functionality in offline mode
  • Sale report
  • Cloud based solution
  • Possibility of different HW and peripheral options
  • Administration of all client registers from single web interface
  • Fully compliant with the relevant European regulations 

The solution is intended for:

Small and medium merchands like:
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Retail shops
  • Mobile sales
  • Ticket sales
  • Specialized and grocery stores
  • Services sector
  • Transport sector
  • Tourist business and rentals
  • Field sales
  • Wholesalers
  • Combination of multiple activities

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