Solution Information

Provision of service and supply of online, web-based, mobile infrastructure, call center for communication within the telecare community, and provision of mobile access to vital status data in order to enable therapy management

Solution Description

Medistance® is a new-generation remote telecare service that transfers data measured by cutting-edge, clinically validated medical-device technology, e.g. blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol and body-composition monitors via a secure machine-to-machine mobile network to a secure data-frame server.

A doctor can access such data 24 hours a day through a pre-eveluated data management web interface, and with the help of automated notifications can continuously follow up on the patient's health condition without the necessity of a personal meeting.

Medistance helps healthcare providers of all sizes and healthcare administrators run like never before. From clinical back office and the patient’s home environment to the waiting period in practice boardrooms, from pharmacy stockrooms to the sales counter, and from desktops to mobile devices, Medistance enables people and healthcare specialists and organizations to work together more efficiently and use insights into treatment workflow more effectively with online clinically valid vital signs to improve patients' quality of life. We do this by extending the availability of the internet of mobile clinically validated medical devices, software across onsite  installations, on-demand deployment and mobile communication devices.

Medistance is a complete, affordable and easy-to-implement intelligent healthcare management solution available onsite or in the cloud, and it is powered by a secure in-memory computing database.  It is designed specifically for small and medium-sized general practitoners and healthcare companies. Furthermore, it enables users to better plan, manage, and optimize personal health, drug and lifestyle management and wellness outside of traditional healthcare settings while reducing costs and improving satisfaction and quality of care.
The solution is effective in helping users make sound treatment and lifestyle management decisions. Through a single system, healthcare providers, business owners and managers can now get on-demand access to a true and unified picture of critical, up-to-the-minute business information on practice management across the entire healthcare organization, as well as a wide range of analitical data about the efficiency of individual personalized treatment, drug management, and cost and time perfomance based on the permanent online dataflow comprising the real-time vital signs of the relevant patient groups.

Through the Medistance Maintenance Program, the practice or business will automatically get access to new functionalities as the product is further developed. Additionally, if the practice or business is part of a collaborative healthcare community of a regional or global organization already benefiting from SAP enterprise software, it can take advantage of pre-configured integration and online interaction. The touch-points include control of master data management (patients, service items, insurance providers and suppliers), a full range of treatment workflows with current disease risk calculation, vital signs, medication per each patient's or patient group's  chart of trends, costs and healthcare plans with interpractice/interprovider trading..

Solution Benefits

  • Simple plug-in service with no need for setup and configuration of each sensor
  • Technology enabling HUB programming with a standard wireless modem
  • Fixed IP for each user for easy network administration
  • A VPN (virtual private network) channel can be arranged for protection of each user's data
  • Online data transmission everywhere without wireing and PC firewalls
  • Easy to use anytime and anywhere globally via telco systems
  • Wide range of interactive facilities with remote upgrading
  • Automatic remote software upgrades in the HUB
  • Remote supervision of the status of the HUB battery, memory capacity etc.
  • SIM card owned by the service provider capable of managing service facilities
  • Strategic telco partners covering more countries with roaming
  • Setup of the optimal business modell for partners
  • Service level agreement for the reliability of communication

The solution is intended for:

  • hospitals
  • pharmacies
  • healthcare providers


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