Solution Information

mecSOLAR Telematics Devices
Maintenance-free movement tracking


Solution Description

MecSOLAR is a field-proven solar telematics device product family. Maintenance-free and cable-free longterm tracking. Its modular architecture allows simple adaption to any use case. Range from entry product to high end container telematics sensor devices:

  • mecSOLAR one: Most affordable maintenance-free movement tracking.
  • mecSOLAR plus: Premium maintenance-free movement tracking with options for cable sensors (e.g. temperature, doors et al) and shorter tracking intervals.
  • mecSOLAR sensor: High end movement tracking with built-in as well as wireless sensor technology. World modem technology. Suitable for sea container telematics and other challenging modalities.

Solution Benefits

Solar telematics devices enable fleet-wide asset tracking which saves money:
  • Profitable business cases due to longterm, maintenance-free operation. Install and forget.
  • Movement tracking allow fleet productivity analysis (e.g. stillstand time analysis)
  • Real time view on fleet status (where are which objects)

The solution is intended for:

Logistics companies and all companies with large fleets of movable objects.


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