Solution Information

mecFLEET Telematics Portal
Customizable, powerful telematics portal


Solution Description

MecFLEET is a powerful integration telematics portal. In use at many leading logistics companies, it includes the most versatile sets of features and reporting engine of its class. Customized features, business logic and reports possible. Unique features like dynamic groups. For customers with heterogeneous telematics solutions, mecFLEET allows a unified fleet view and management. It integrates more than 23 third party telematics platforms by data interface plus more than 50 directly integrated telematics devices. Optional inhouse installation of telematics platform.

Solution Benefits

Powerful telematics portal with unique user benefits:
  • Real time fleet monitoring and fleet productivity analysis
  • Integrate all telematics solutions into one
  • Interconnection with backend-IT allows to implement complex business processes
  • Decentralized, optional inhouse telematics portal hubs, i.e. allows distributed fleet management

The solution is intended for:

Logistics companies and all companies with large fleets of movable objects.


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