Solution Information

This IoT solution for the mining industry visualizes excavation, loading and transportation of minerals and helps users to improve efficiency.
e-mining provides real-time visibility of mining field operations and improves business processes in terms of efficiency, safety, quality and cost. The solution is based on the Industry 4.0 concept to support corporations with underground and surface mining operations.


Solution Description

The solution includes IoT field equipment and a web-based software platform.
The IoT intelligent embedded electronics units are connected to a network of sensors installed on each mining asset (e.g. dozers, loaders, trucks) to automatically acquire real-time operations data. Sensor data is filtered and communicated to the web-based platform through reliable communication protocols over available wireless data networks.
The web-based software platform aggregates the data to a higher level of abstraction in order to measure KPIs on business processes (e.g. product quality based on automated measurement of loader location in the mine, identification of loaded trucks and of the location of unloading).
The automated and accurate measurement of KPIs based on sensor data allow for rapid evaluation of production processes and contribute to the efficient redesign of business processes at the tactical and strategic levels. In addition, the solution provides real-time field visibility and notifications that help operations staff to improve exception handling.
e-mining is adaptable to corporate requirements and provides the appropriate business process visibility and intelligent decision-making support to corporate users who are responsible for operational, tactical or strategic decisions.

Solution Benefits

The solution enables improvement in the efficiency, safety, quality and cost of field operations. In particular, the solution offers the following benefits:

  • Detailed visibility of mining operations (excavation, loading/unloading, transportation) and assurance of accurate calculation of KPIs
  • Validation of excavation, loading and transportation subcontractor contract terms and aids the resolution of contract claims. Comparison of contractual versus measured real costs. Support for electronic assignment of orders to operators
  • Supervision of safety rules and measurement of operator profiles
  • Preservation of product quality

The solution is intended for:

Mining and industrial minerals corporate. Worldwide


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