Solution Information

Monitoring solution for Conel communication systems


Solution Description

R-SeeNet is a complex solution based on a monitoring/management software system in combination with smart Conel routers, middleware and powerfull SQL database backend. One of the major benefits is that the solution creates a visual form of information about the network and device status for the end users - mainly system integrators, local network providers and industrial automation enablers / ICT companies.

  • R SeeNet server – it is a server application which regularly and during firmly established intervals sends SNMP queries (Simple Network Management Protocol) to each router (defined in the network) and stores their answers to the status and statistical information into the SQL database.
  • R-SeeNet PHP – a web based application which has access to the SQL statistical data database containing information obtained from routers and provides information about the status of individual routers as well as the status of the entire network to the user (network administrator).

Solution Benefits

  • Visual information about the network and device
  • QoS functionality, easy solution set up, application developement on demand

The solution is intended for:

IT solutions providers, Security companies, Vending developers and users, ICT companies

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