Solution Information

This IoT solution for the cement and construction aggregate industry visualizes product transportation processes and enables improvement of safety, efficiency and the level of customer service.
e-cement provides real time visibility of cement transportation activities and helps corporate users to achieve objectives at the operational, tactical and strategic levels.


Solution Description

The solution includes IoT field equipment and a web-based software platform.

The IoT intelligent embedded electronics units are connected to a network of sensors installed on the cement silo trucks to automatically acquire real-time field operations data:

  • Identification of persons and assets
  • Loading/unloading safety rule exceptions
  • Silo pressure
  • Itinerary data

The field equipment is equipped with actuators to stop the loading/unloading process when hazardous safety exceptions are observed.
Sensor data is filtered and communicated to the web-based software platform through reliable communication protocols over available mobile data networks.
A mobile application is used to enhance operational efficiency and safety by communicating

  • Transportation order assignment
  • Drivers' daily safety checklist

Operations data are combined with business data available in the corporate IT infrastructure (customer orders, transportation contacts and schedules) in order to evaluate KPIs on business efficiency, safety, cost and service quality.

Solution Benefits

Cost effective transportation

  • Fleet dispatching based on dynamic real-time data (client order, truck status and location, driver profile and driving hours, order priority and transportation cost)
  • Prompt dispatch reduction of truck and driver waiting times
  • Reduction of call center costs associated with handling client inquiries regarding estimated time of arrival
  • Transportation of fly-ash to production sites combined with truck return itineraries to reduce kilometers driven and driving hours

Increased level of service

  • Provision of accurate estimated delivery times
  • Automation of proof of delivery and proof of loading
  • Reduction of the number of errors in deliveries (e.g. product quality/quantity mismatch)

Enhanced safety

  • Efficient speed control
  • Application of safety rules to fleet scheduling
  • Compliance with safety rules during unloading of hazardous pressurized materials and rapid reaction

The solution is intended for:

Cement transportation corporate. Worldwide


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