Solution Information

IoT solution for the cold chain monitoring and exception handling. e-meter ensures the quality of pharmaceutical and food products stored in warehouses or retail locations.


Solution Description

The solution includes IoT field equipment and a web-based software platform.
The IoT intelligent embedded electronics units are connected to a network of sensors (temperature, tank level, humidity, flood, machine status etc.) installed in the storage spaces for sensitive or perishable goods (e.g. warehouses, retail locations) to automatically acquire real-time environmental data. Sensor data are filtered and communicated to the web-based platform through reliable communication protocols over available wired or wireless data networks.
The web-based software platform aggregates the data to a higher level of abstraction in order to supervise environmental product quality, operation of equipment (e.g. industrial refrigerators, backup electrical generators, energy supply, etc.) and critical business processes. KPIs on product quality and safety are measured and reported to the appropriate corporate user roles.
In addition, e-meter provides real-time field visibility and notifications that help operations staff to efficiently handle exceptions with improved information management and fast delivery of critical information.


Solution Benefits

  • Assurance of the quality of sensitive pharmaceutical and food products
  • Optimization of the management and efficiency of exception handling
  • Reduction of operating and maintenance costs

The solution is intended for:

Pharmaceutical industry and distribution network. Retailers. Worldwide


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