Solution Information

Mobile parking solution for smart cities


Solution Description

PARKING+PLUS unlocks the value of technology providing an ecosystem of web and mobile applications and innovative hardware in order to change the way people build and use parking services in smart cities. With key features like notification of parking-place availability and mobile-phone payments, we provide a flexible and versatile solution for parking access management (corporate and residential).
Our aim is to enhance the usage of a very limited resource – parking places – by addressing the key needs for all stakeholders in the parking process.
We optimize the usage of unexploited parking places and enhance the drivers' user experience so that smart citizens will enjoy driving in the city again.


Solution Benefits

  • Traffic reduction: It is estimated that an average 30% of traffic consists of drivers cruising for parking spaces. We can drive those numbers down by guiding drivers toward available spaces.
  • Less pollution: With reduced traffic comes less pollution. This is a step that will take us closer to building an eco-friendly city.
  • Time savings: On average, the normal driver spends about 15 minutes looking for an available parking space. We all know how important time is, especially in the morning.
  • Stress reduction: Being stuck in traffic and looking for parking can be very stressful, especially during peak times of the day. We reduce stress by helping drivers manage their expectations better.
  • Flexible payments: Stop carrying change in your pocket and stop worrying about getting a ticket for overdue payments. Pay from your mobile phone and get notified when your payment is about to expire.
  • Bookings: Book parking in private garages and drive into a space that is already waiting
    for you. This can be done from both the mobile app and the website.
  • Location memory: You no longer need to remember where you are parked when you go to the shopping mall or any other place with a big parking lot. We'll keep track of that for you.
  • Frictionless management: Municipalities can have greater control over the parking system and make better decisions when organizing things and thus improve their income.

The solution is intended for:

European countries and the United States (municipalities, landlords, parking-lot operators, shopping malls)


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