Solution Information

Smart Access Box
Affordable smartphone-based access management solutions for private buildings


Solution Description

Smart Access Box is the perfect solution for providing secured access to the private areas you share with others.
This can be the office garage you share with your employees, your residential complex you share with neighbours and occasionally with friends and family, or any other shared area that has an electric locking mechanism.
The box can be installed on top of your existing locking solution and you no longer have to worry about carrying a remote control, a key or an access card, as these are all replaced by your smartphone.
The phone connects to the box through a low-energy Bluetooth connection that has a minimum impact on your phone's battery life. Communication is secured by an encryption
algorithm that guarantees only designated users are granted access.
Access is time limited, so the system can have regular users who use it all the time as well as short-term users who only use the system rarely. In an office setting, this translates into providing employees with permanent access and visitors with time-limited access.
Moreover, this enables you to rent your garage during nights and weekends and make a tidy profit. Most of the parking spaces from office buildings are not used
after business hours because it is hard to control access and collect payments.
Smart Access Box makes this easy by addressing both access and payment issues through a suite of mobile and web applications.


Solution Benefits

  • Profitability: Why not make some money by renting out the office garage after business hours and on weekends? This is a great solution for controlling access and receiving
  • Easy to integration with existing solutions: The box can be used alongside your existing electronic locking solution. There is no need to replace the existing system or to change your policies.
  • Mobile and web solutions: To complete the service, we offer great software solutions for both IOS and Android smartphones and for the web. You can manage your virtual keys, share them with others and control access any way you like.
  • Time-limited access: You can create a time-limited virtual key for your visitors. This is great for visiting business partners, interview candidates and conferences held in your building.
  • Ease of use: The easy usability of the service is our primary goal. We have done the necessary testing and refinements to make sure anyone can use our product with ease.
  • Low-energy Bluetooth: Low battery consumption and great compatibility with existing smartphones, which allows one-touch communication with the box.
  • Secured access: Communication with the box is secured by an encryption algorithm that can only be deciphered by our boxes. Only designated users will be granted access.
  • Integration with PARKING+PLUS: We have a great platform where you can share your garage or parking place with others when you are not using it. We will provide you with all the tools you need to manage your new parking business with a lot of customers.

The solution is intended for:

Office buildings, residential buildings, private parking lots, shopping malls, hospitals, truck stops, etc. + other spaces that require secure access.


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