Solution Information

Vending Machine Monitoring Solution
The optimal management of vending machines is your day-to-day business, and we are able to supply the perfect support.


Solution Description

The Vending Machine Monitoring System (VMMS) assists you in running the vendors properly in terms of administration, maintenance and optimal range and volume of products. The VMMS assists you in maintaining vending machines and helps you to find the ideal filling levels for each machine, cash balance of each vending machine and it generates commercial and technical evaluation reports. A small data storage and transceiver, which includes a mobile radio modem, called Connectivity Modul (CM) forwards the data from the electronic components of a vending machine. The CM operates on all usual voltages. The vending machine data is stored and processed on two servers at Materna GmbH.

  • Once per hour the data from the electronic components inside the vending machine are read out and saved by the CM. The data is exchanged via serial interfaces. The following transfer protocols are applied: Executive, BDV, MDB, DEX/UCS and DDCMP.
  • At least once a day, the data sets are compressed and encrypted by the CM and sent to the receiving server via mobile radio.
  • Reports on altered system conditions - including the data collected up to that point - are immediately sent by the CM. For instance, a power outage can still reported by means of an integrated buffer capacitor.
  • The data is processed by the VMMS application (cloud-based and web-front-end). The data are secured and stored in an encrypted form.
  • The system integrates ERP-Systems like B.I.T. Soft, Vega, Vendman etc. via a multifunctional interface.

Solution Benefits

  • Optimization of time for refills
  • Avoid empty stocks and empty runs
  • Stocks of central warehouse and rolling stocks available at all times
  • Avoidance of waste due pre-kitting plus effective packing by the filler
  • More security by money control
  • Pay-per-cup billing
  • Audit-proof invoicing
  • Better utilization & more effective processes
  • Active and quickest possible reaction to alert messages
  • Preparation of service charge settlement
  • Optimization of product selection & assortment

The solution is intended for:

IT organisations and user departments in companies and the public sector.


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