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Cashless Payment
Solution how to pay cashless for a product from Vending machine via device.


Solution Description

Complex solution for Vending providers and Vendors how to pay cashless for chosen products in a Vending machine. Within this solution there is a possibility for end users to pay for products without any coins. They can simply use their mobile device for ordering a given product. NFC is not required. According to their setup, the payment can be realized via Online payment or Prepaid account. There is also a solution for companies or other groups using a Postpaid model with a possibility to generate monthly invoices separated by end user and his orders. End user can order a given product via ringing a given phone number displayed on the vending machine. System ends the call automatically and processes user´s order immediately. The order can be realized as well from an application via scanning QR-code from the Vending machine. Every user has a possibility to monitor his consumption on webselfcare or in the mobile application. There is an overview of all purchases, payment channels etc. Within an account the end user can add any other mobile number that is authorized to use his payment card or prepaid account for product ordering. This scenario can be very useful for families. Father can authorize his children and can define what type of products they can buy from his account. The application and webselfcare can be branded according to Partners´ requirements.

Solution Benefits

Comprehensive solution for Vending providers of Vending monitoring system, Cashless payment and Loyalty in one package. On the other hand each solution can be delivered separately.
It is another interesting Payment channel for Vending providers with no need of coins. There is possible to pay cashless via Credit card without a need of any additional hardware for reading payment card. This solution can attract more end users so the Vending provider can extend his service and the amount of Vending machines in all areas.
Flexible solution in setting different types of Cashless payment (Online payment, Prepaid account, Postpaid model) and their combination as well. There is a possibility to easy set their priorities what type of a Payment channel should be used firstly.
Due to collecting Consumer data can Vending provider easy monitor Consumer behaviour.
Detailed reporting system with all transaction data and other statistic information from the service.


The solution is intended for:

IT organisations and user departments in companies and the public sector.


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