Solution Information

Solution for Vending providers and Partners how to run own Loyalty program.


Solution Description

Vending providers and vendors can offer within Loyalty vending solution a specific Loyalty program of their choice. They can decide to offer every 10th product for free or with buying a given product end user gets another product for free etc. They can use this solution as an instrument for launching new product or they can run some marketing promotion of a given product. A required Loyalty program can be easily configured via web application where the main points need to be setup - event duration, what Vending machines and Customers have to be involved, etc. The final setup results from agreements between Vending provider or Vendor and their Customer. There are all statistic data from each Loyalty event in the web application with possibility to export it.
At once there is a possibility for a Customer of a given Vending provider to run his own Benefit program. This solution can be interesting especially for companies that would like to offer to employees i.e. 1 water/day for free, 5 cups of coffee/week, some prizes for collected Bonus points,  etc. Each Customer can configure specific benefits in webselfcare according to his requirement.
In the end there can be an end user in front of the Vending machine who would like to get a coffee. The system will recognise that within Vending provider Loyalty program this coffee is 10th one and should be for free. At the same time a given Customer runs for his members own Bonus program within some Bonus points should be add to his account.


Solution Benefits

Comprehensive solution for Vending providers of Vending monitoring system, Cashless payment and Loyalty in one package. On the other hand each solution can be delivered separately.
Flexibility in running own Loyalty program and offering different benefits to end users. Easy selection of a Loyalty/Benefit program via web application and webselfcare. Via web application, Vending provider can simply configure all parameters of a given Loyalty program, specifies what Vending machines and products and Vendors have to be involved etc. It is possible to run more Loyalty and Benefits at once and offer so wide portfolio of services to end users.
Detailed reporting system with all transaction data and other statistic information from the service with a possibility to export them. Possibility to offer to end users own branded application with all data regarding transactions, phone number management, account setting, etc.

The solution is intended for:

IT organisations and user departments in companies and the public sector.


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