Solution Information

Cloud based Access Control System - conveniently secure control of personal access

Solution Description

eAccess is a cloud based physical access control system which gives convenience and security in the same time. It replaces mechanical keys to electronic ID such as RFID cards, tokens, mobile devices, caller ID or Bluetooth Low Energy ID.
The system is built around GPRS data communication using GSM network. Thanks to this, the system is totally independent of the buildings’ structure, existing IT or electronic security infrastructure therefore can be very flexible and implementation can be quick and non-disturbing.
The system’s central element is intelligent controller electronics able to make the access decisions instantly for thousands of users and up to 100 doors. Users are able to reach and administer the system via web browser interface. The advantage is that no software installation is required and also that it can be used remotely - by any internet enabled mobile device.The system can be built both with wired and wireless access control doors depending of the user’s need and building environment. With wired solution there is a need for only 1 cable for all readers - not like conventional systems 1 cable per door cabling. Wireless doors can be added with installation time starting from 5 minutes per door.
eAccess can be integrated with video surveillance, intrusion alarm and time & attendance (working hour registration) systems. It can also provide automated reporting and also automated email notification based on events e.g. alarms to security staff, maintenance signals to facility management, etc.
The system also designed to be low power consumption and with wireless doors the consumption can be as low as 5W. Comparing this to conventional solutions it could be a saving of up to 70% of energy costs.


Solution Benefits

  • Controlled security in the facility
  • Only allowed users can enter to the rooms - the check can be made online
  • Flexibility, convenience and security
  • Installer, user, facility management, security management - can use any internet connected device with a browser. OS platform and internet browser independent
  • No investment into additional infrastructure
  • No heavy cabling or no cabling at all, no server hardware, no related IT development and maintenance, no software licensing
  • No disturbance of the client’s business operations
  • Implementation from 5 minutes: controller needs local power and 3 minutes to start. Wireless doors can be added in 3-30 minutes, wired doors needs 1 cable per controller not 1 cable per reader. No software installation.
  • Environmental savings
  • 5W consumption per controller. If wireless readers used then this is the total consumption per system up to 40 doors. Optional solar cell operation is available

The solution is intended for:

Enterprises/people interested in an easy manageable security and reporting system.


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