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Individual parking space monitoring and management system

Solution Description

In cities today a need for intelligent parking management is expressed. It is estimated that wandering and searching for a parking space generates over 30% of traffic in city centers. There is a clear need for intelligent technology which complements the existing GPS navigation services, traffic reports etc. Partial deployment of such services already exists in modern luxury vehicles that inform them about available parking facilities in some "intelligent" garages.

The role of smart parking facilities management is twofold:

  • helping  drivers;
  • reducing traffic, and consequently pollution. 

The basis for parking facilities management is reliable detection of individual parking bay occupancy. Current technology offers several solutions to this problem. The most reliable technologies are ultrasonic sensors installed in a confined space (a covered garage). Yet, for open parking spaces (open parking lots, parking lots along the roadway, garage roof level) there was no satisfactory solution prior to MagSense system.

MagSense is currently the only known system in the world that allows recording of each parking bay availability both on open and closed parking lots.  MagSense system is based on detection of changes in the earth's magnetic field under the influence of approaching metal objects such as cars, trucks and buses. Magnetic sensors are placed in a 2D grid in which the measured values of neighboring sensors are also used for detecting occupied parking space.  The system provides real-time information on the status of each parking bay in the form of detecting occupancy and vacancy which is shown on bay occupancy display. This information is also wirelessly sent to database where is available to the widest range of potential users on the Internet. At this point there are 2D magnetic sensors grids installed on several locations (Linz, Varazdin, Pula) and we are achieving 98% detection reliability.

MagSense system is designed to function in all weather and power consumption is adapted for solar panels power supply. Information that system provides can, in connection with other control systems and traffic navigation, achieve significant savings in fuel consumption, reducing traffic congestion, noise and exhaust emissions, and simultaneously increase the security, flow and comfort of driving.

Solution Benefits

  • On-street / off-street / counting
  • Optimized cost & performance
  • Car & truck detection
  • The decision logic ensures an accuracy of the detection rate up to 99%
  • Artificial decision intelligence protected by patent law
  • Internet Cloud driven infrastructure
  • Sub-terrain installation
  • Conduit installation
  • All-in-one solution (IGS – In Ground Sensors, displays, guidance application, SMS payment, law enforcement, GPS navigation to the nearest parking place, statistics and error reports)
  • Minimal roadwork required for installation by micro trenching machines (completely embedded into asphalt or gravel up to 50 cm below road surface, can be installed in a conduit below parking bay, ensures minimal maintenance needs)
  • Only 2 system components - sensor cable & CAN-LAN converter.


The solution is intended for:

City government, mobile operators, manufacturers of GPS guidance systems, shopping centers, public buildings, airports, stadiums, sea ports, dealers and owners of car parks, end-users and people with disabilities.


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