Solution Information
Mobilisis Traffic Counter

Vehicle counter system

Solution Description

Mobilisis Traffic Counter is easy and smart solution for counting vehicles. Sensors are installed in a road surface and they count vehicles (their speed, direction, length). They can be used on roads and highways to count traffic, on highway entrances/exits to detect vehicles driving in wrong direction, on all kinds of parking places to count number of cars, in parking garages to detect number of cars on each floor or segment, on beginning and end of some road to detect number of cars on some road segment, as invisible vehicle speed detector on roads, etc. Usually all data is sent to central server where it can be combined with other counters, sent to SMS, email, LED displays, web interface, Parkopedia, smartphones and other. It can also work offline, or control local LED display where it can show number of free places in a garage, number of cars in garage or percentage of occupancy.

It is affordable solution which is very easy to install and setup. One of best advantages is that sensors can be installed below bridges or 50-100 cm below road surfaces. That means that during replacement of asphalt cover, sensors don't have to be removed and installed again, which is not the case with magnetic loops. They need to be reinstalled in new asphalt which generates additional cost.

Mobilisis Traffic counter is "out of the box" solution which can be installed quickly and results are immediately visible on smartphone and web.

Solution Benefits

  • On street/off street counting
  • Affordable and easy to use solution
  • Car & truck detection
  • The decision logic ensures an accuracy of the detection rate up to 99%
  • Internet Cloud driven infrastructure
  • Sub-terrain and bellow the bridge installation
  • Conduit installation
  • Minimal maintenance cost

The solution is intended for:

Road and highway concessionaires, shopping centers, public buildings, airports and stadiums with large above-ground parking and places with parking garages to detect number of cars on each floor or segment (airports, shopping centers, stadiums, etc.)


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