Solution Information

SmartCluster Easy VPN tunneling
Easy VPN tunneling without request of public IP adress


Solution Description

One of the common application the Conel routers are using for is a VPN tunneling between two network destinations. VPN tunneling provides safe and secure communication avoiding sensitive data stealing. To create a VPN tunnel you need at least one public IP address for remote destination. But unfortunately usually mobile carriers do not provide such an option.

So what to do in this case? Your software SmartCluster in combination with Conel cellular routers can solve the problem. The SmartCluster is an OpenVPN server which enables to create OpenVPN tunnels from any corner of the World and does not request a public IP address. Moreover there is no necessity to create complicated configuration of routers. The SmartCluster is able to do it instead of you.

Solution Benefits

  • No public IP requirement
  • Easy to set up
  • Automatic configuration

The solution is intended for:

OIT, remote management and maintenance, etc.

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