Solution Information
Mobilisis WiTa

Fleet management application for tablets

Solution Description

Mobilisis WiTa is an application for collaboration, optimization, monitoring and administration of vehicles and drivers, and as such represents one of the most advanced currently present tools on the market. For the time being, WiTa is developed only for devices that use Android operating system.

Mobilisis WiTa is used for optimizing transport and distribution process, keeping demanding fleet records, and reducing the cost of vehicles and drivers while increasing efficiency. In general, it is very easy to use and it helps vehicles and drivers to stay on the right track. Supplied tablet comes with a specially adapted interface developed by Mobilisis engineers, and cannot be used for anything other than for Mobilisis WiTa. Specially designed interface prevents unnecessary generation of data traffic; access to unnecessary applications or "wandering" on the Android operating system is disabled. Home screen consists of 4 applications; Mobilisis Fleet, iGo (navigation), Clock and Calculator.

When Mobilisis Fleet is activated and user is logged in, main menu appears. There you can see information about the driver, about the vehicle and device status. Also, you can access Messages, Work orders (optional), Navigation, More (additional features) and Settings from main menu. In Messages you can communicate with drivers and dispatchers from you company free of charge and you are not limited by character number or number of messages. Message status is shown. Communication with people outside of company is disabled. Work orders (optional) are used for coordination of driver's daily tasks, and it makes it easy for the driver to view and administer work commitments. Work orders come from an external system to the portal and are displayed on the tablet. Drivers can see the route to destiantion from work order and iGo navigation guides them to that location. Work order status is shown. Tablet user can take pictures with tablet and send them to Mobilisis portal where they are visible to all portal users. Other interesting feature is joining the trailer to the vehicle (also optional). Every joining or separation of the trailer is recorded on Mobilisis portal. Temperature in the trailer is monitored and if it exceeds given limit, alarm is activated and can also be seen on Mobilisis portal.

Solution Benefits

  • Vehicle/driver tracking in real-time
  • Navigation
  • Work orders status in real-time
  • Automatic travel acconuts 
  • Free messages between drivers and dispatchers 
  • Taking pictures with tablet and viewing them on web portal
  • Joining trailers feature
  • Monitoring temperature in trailer in real time
  • Easy to use
  • Simple distribution
  • Good price and value balance

The solution is intended for:

Small and medium enterprises with a fleet of vehicles (forwarders, distributers, etc.), big B2B businesses with strong sales force (like telecom companies) and private and public businesses with at least 50.000 EUR annual revenue.


This Solution brought to you by Mobilisis d.o.o.