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Mobilisis Cloud Fleet management

Fleet management system

Solution Description 

Mobilisis Cloud Fleet management application is a system for fleet management, optimization, surveillance and administration, and it representsreliable tool for optimizing transport and distribution routes, fleet cost reduction and increasing fleet efficiency.

GPS device is installed in user’s vehicle in one of authorized car services. The device via GPRS establishes data connection with application on the Internet, while GPS determines the position, i.e. the geographic coordinates and the location of device. Each device has a M2M SIM card, which is owned by Deutsche Telekom. Device is in constant communication with the application solution and enters collected data in the cloud database. In the absence of a cellular data connection, the device stores the data collected in its own limited memory, which are (all or partially) after reestablishing the connection stored in the database. Based on the data about device location at a certain time, functionalities of the service are determined.

Data on fleet use are presented in real time in the application solution (Internet application) on a computer or mobile phone/tablet, or a client application on a mobile phone/tablet. It is not necessary to install any software for using application; it is accessed via user name and password that the user receives at his e-mail address. Mobilisis® uses licensed Google Maps. Maps cover the whole world in the scale dependent on Google maps detail.

Mobilisis Cloud Fleet management application encompasses all relevant information about fleet operation from different sources in one place, and enables user to track fleet’s key performance indicators. It consists of 7 main menus; Fleet, Reports, Travel orders, Expenses, Calendar, Alarms, Settings. Mobilisis Cloud Fleet management is a complete solution for fleet management which provides companies with the possibility to control their vehicles and save on resources.

Solution Benefits

  • Vehicle monitoring 24/7
  • Through a web application you can keep an eye on your vehicles 24 hours a day. Follow the speed, direction, traveled mileage of vehicles etc. Find out if the vehicles are used outside working hours and whether workers carry out their tasks on time.
  • Reports and alarms about driving and expenses
  • Detailed reports such as total distance and driving time, location and time of stopping the vehicle, speeding etc. Receive alarms (email, SMS) on the use of vehicles by various criteria etc.
  • Free upgrade and maintenance
  • The application is constantly updated and new functionality are added free of cost.
  • Automatic travel account
  • The application automatically gathers all necessary information from which daily
  • allowances and travel orders are calculated.
  • Vehicle tracking abroad
  • Safety and support 24/7
  • Easy to use
  • Simple distribution
  • Good price and value balance

The solution is intended for:

Small and medium enterprises with a fleet of vehicles (forwarders, distributers, sales, services, cargo and people transport, rent and sale of all types of vehicles, etc.), big B2B businesses with strong sales force (like telecom companies) and private and public businesses with at least 50.000 EUR annual revenue.


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