Solution Information

Energy Management System (EMS)
Analytical tool for energy management


Solution Description

Energy Management System (EMS) by Cube is a solution aimed to optimize both energy usage and operational cost that is attributed to energy consumption. The software operates in multitenant architecture, providing customized services in a hosted-service (colocation) model.

The solution consists of three major modules:

  • Data acquisition - Collects following data:
    • Energy consumption: smart metering & captured bills
    • Market-specific information: regulations, rates of energy distribution/energy cost, additional market intelligence
    • Industry-specific information: special requirements (security, typical appliances used, business-process specific)
    • Region-specific data: coverage of energy sellers and distributors, specific local regulations, limitations and possibilities of market
  • Data analytics & presentation
    • Reconciliation of energy usage and bills (accuracy check)
    • Energy usage trends & optimization recommendations (industry-specific)
    • Energy contract/purchase recommendations, based on: actual usage profile, industry requirements, availability of service/eligibility for tariff
    • Infrastructure monitoring
    • Online monitoring of energy usage
    • Flexibly definable alarms and notifications for user
    • Detection of abnormal behavior within the supervised infrastructure

The solution can be easily adapted to customer needs and available infrastructure. This includes renting smart meters. The connected measuring devices create detailed usage profiles.

Solution Benefits

Energy consumption optimization includes:
  • Detailed control of energy usage
  • Optimization of usage patterns (by avoiding peaks/cumulative consumption, allowing automatic adaptation to decreased contractual requirements)
  • Indication of contract mix optimal for business needs.
Micro-generation management enables:
  • Easy registration of service and monitoring of regulatory requirements
  • Audit of energy distribution (consumed vs. generated)
  • Financial clearing with donor/acceptor network
  • Trend analysis, providing reliable data for planning and contracting

Thanks to technical (more efficient infrastructure or usage pattern), organizational (distribute usage peak), and contractual (change of contract or energy provider/distributor) functions, users can achieve significant savings.

The solution is intended for:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)
  • Retail
  • Other energy-consuming organizations (schools, hospitals, municipals, industry etc.)

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