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The M2M Solutions of our European M2M Partners cover a wide range of vertical segments. Please select one or more of the segments to find the respective solutions.

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Open platform for wireless data transmission

ANDRA Sp. z o.o.

Conel R-SeeNet

Monitoring solution for Conel communication systems

Conel s.r.o.

Conel Cellular Router

Mobile communication solutions

Conel s.r.o.

Finder Online

Location-based service (LBS) platform

Finder S.A.

MOHAnet Mobile Monitoring App

Monitoring system for smart objects

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd

MOHAnet Smart Facilities

Enterprise Resource Monitoring -integrated service platform for the monitoring of various solutions like intrusion alarm, fire protection, fleet management

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd


This IoT solution for the mining industry visualizes excavation, loading and transportation of minerals and helps users to improve efficiency. e-mining provides real-time visibility of mining field operations and improves business processes in terms of efficiency, safety, quality and cost. The solution is based on the Industry 4.0 concept to support corporations with underground and surface mining operations.

Emphasis Telematics SA


IoT solution for the cold chain monitoring and exception handling. e-meter ensures the quality of pharmaceutical and food products stored in warehouses or retail locations.

Emphasis Telematics SA