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The M2M Solutions of our European M2M Partners cover a wide range of vertical segments. Please select one or more of the segments to find the respective solutions.

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Forklift Management System

Monitor and supervise forklift operations

Finder S.A.

Finder Online

Location-based service (LBS) platform

Finder S.A.

Driver Behavior

Analytical tool for monitoring driver behavior

Finder S.A.

GX Store

Monitoring solution for vehicles and machines



Effective service management

KVADOS, a.s.


Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation Solution

KVADOS, a.s.

MOHAnet Mobile Monitoring App

Monitoring system for smart objects

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd

MOHAnet Smart Facilities

Enterprise Resource Monitoring -integrated service platform for the monitoring of various solutions like intrusion alarm, fire protection, fleet management

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd

Fleet Management

GPS monitoring system for mobile and stationary assets

NAM system, a.s.

Alarm Center

Control center for security agencies

NAM system, a.s.