CUBE.ITG’s history dates back to 1990. In October 2012, Microtech International and CUBE.Corporate Release & Innovation Technology Group merged to form CUBE.ITG, a company with over 400 specialists and national service network coverage, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since April 2014. The company’s heritage includes telecommunication and financial services, while fast developing areas are retail, public and health service verticals, especially the latter through SI Alma, part of the capital group Cube.ITG.


Within the M2M area, energy efficiency is the cornerstone of CUBE.ITG’s offering. Ranging from energy consumption consultancy via smart metering to complex analytical & market intelligence systems, our Energy Management System (EMS) combines consumption analytics and optimization recommendations based on current market data and offerings. An area currently under development is micro energy generation management for entities employing alternative power sources.


Energy Management

Analytical tool for energy management