KVADOS, a.s.

KVADOS, a.s. is Czech company that develops and distributes customized software solutions. Since 1992 the company has delivered its solutions to clients in the trade, manufacturing, and service sectors. KVADOS provides them with the products and services that enable them to grow, achieve and maintain a permanent competitive advantage.

At the same time the company constantly seeks opportunities to create new markets in which it subsequently establishes itself as a leader. Over the years KVADOS has become a respected player in 11 European countries and contributes not only towards its customers’ better performance, but also optimizes processes and changes the way people think.

KVADOS continues to be an independent Czech joint stock company headquartered in Ostrava. Its success is built upon the high quality of internal processes that are certified according to 6 international ISO standards used in information technology. KVADOS is also intensively focused on innovative programs and is a co-founder of the IT Cluster association – a driving force for research and development in new technologies in the Moravian-Silesian region.



Effective service management

KVADOS, a.s.


Customer Relationship Management and Sales Force Automation Solution

KVADOS, a.s.