MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd

The Hungarian company MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd. is specialized in remote supervision and logistics services. The company acts as an application service provider, developing and manufacturing both hardware and software for monitoring systems. Its solutions can be used for monitoring purposes in security devices, fire safety devices, emergency systems, patrol supervision systems, lifts, and other technical equipment. They are also well-suited for classical M2M scenarios such as vending machines and vehicle fleet management.

MOHAnet was founded in 2006 by systems engineers Zsolt Mozgó and Zoltán Havasi. The company’s portfolio was built on the insights of Zoltán Havasi’s university dissertation which focused on the development of services in the context of IP-based mobile supervision systems. Since 2009 the company has traded as MOHAnet Mobilsystems. It is based in Budapest and has 30 employees. Current development efforts are focused on security solutions for personal protection and old car monitoring. 


MOHAnet Mobile Monitoring App

Monitoring system for smart objects

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd

MOHAnet Smart Facilities

Enterprise Resource Monitoring -integrated service platform for the monitoring of various solutions like intrusion alarm, fire protection, fleet management

MOHAnet Mobilsystems Co. Ltd